Welcome to our rental shop! I married my sweetheart, Jacob on October 27th, 2019.
Throughout the year leading up to our wedding, we were amazed at how much we were spending on decor, furnishings and signage for our special day. 
Through this, the idea of renting such items to future couples became a reality! Our hope is to assist every couple by keeping our items at an affordable rate, and with that we hope you can enjoy your special day, and stress less about the financials. 
While weddings are our biggest adventures, our decor, furnishings and signage can be rented for parties, gender reveals, showers and other memorable events.   If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help.
Kayla & Jacob Cooper

By reaching out, we will quickly validate that the pieces you are wanting are available for you to rent.

We always offer both delivery and pickup. Pickup is always free, and pieces can normally be picked up as early as three days prior, and we ask that everything is returned within 2 days of the event being over.
Delivery costs are as follows:
$95.00 for the First hour, and 45.00 for every additional hour we cross into. (If you live 1.5 hours from our business address, delivery would be $140.00 in total for delivery and retrieval). If you are LOCAL TO WILKES, ELKIN OR YADKIN, the price is 70.00 as you are close to our business address. 

For orders including delivery, we require a minimum of $370.00 be spent in rentals.

An agreement that includes our terms and conditions will be sent for you to review and a small non refundable deposit is required in order to hold the rental for your date. Both pieces must be competed within 72 hours, or the items will no longer be held.

Our Packages and Pricing can be found under the Package and Pricing tab!