All About the Kids!

Whether you are looking to add something extra as your flower girl is going down the aisle, to something to provide “extra” security as the young ring bearer makes his way to you, we have so much for you to choose from. We also have the most gorgeous mini wagon, and for those who are into the shock factor, we have a Lamborghini that can be steered by an adult! Check out our inventory below.

Sunflower Flower Girl Basket- $15.00 to rent (1 Available) #98733
Detailed Ring Bearers Box- $10.00 to rent (1 Available, does have a latch) #1022
Flower Girl Wagon- $50.00 to rent (1 Available, 35lb weight limit) #4000
Here comes our girl Aisle Sign- $8.00 to rent ( 1 Available)#231
Daddy are you ready? Aisle Sign- $8.00 to rent (1 Available) #231
Log Slice Ring Holder- $10.00 to rent (1 Available) #793
Burgundy Flower Girl Basket- $15.00 to rent (1 Available) #762
Floral Flower Girl Basket- $15.00 to rent (1 Available) #342
Here comes the Bride Sign- $12.00 to rent (1 Available) #665
White and Black Children’s Lamborghini – $65.00 to rent (Steering and Speed can be controlled by an adult by Remote, and the Blue Tooth can be connected to music. The weight limit is 50lbs.) #LHM
Ring Security Suitcase- $13.00 each to rent (2 Available) #PDK
For Once Shes On Time Aisle Sign- $12.00 to rent ( 1 Available) #PDA