XL Gold Ornate Mirror
$100.00 to rent
34 inches W by 22 inches L
(Counts as 2 Pieces of a package)

Belgium White Decadent Mirror
$50.00 to rent

Large Decadent Mirror
20 inches W by 30 Inches H
$85.00 to rent
(Counts as 2 pieces of a package)

Medium Gold Mirror
$30.00 to rent
13 inches W by 15 Inches L

Medium Gold Mirror
$25.00 to rent
16 inches L by 11 in W

Medium Gold Mirror
$40.00 to rent
26 inches L by 24 inches W

Gold Decadent Mirror
$30.00 to rent
31 Inches L by 15 Inches W

White Ornate Mirror
$25.00 to rent
24 inches L by 16 inches W

Pedestal Chalkboards
$15.00 to rent

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