Custom Signage

We would also love to help with any personalized signage that you need! All you have to pay for is one of the Sign Rentals below, and then let us know what you would like on it.

XL Gold Ornate Mirror
$100.00 to rent
34 inches W by 22 inches L

Large Decadent Mirror
20 inches W by 30 Inches H
$85.00 to rent

Medium Gold Mirror
$30.00 to rent
13 inches W by 15 Inches L

Medium Gold Mirror
$25.00 to rent
16 inches L by 11 in W

Medium Gold Mirror
$40.00 to rent
26 inches L by 24 inches W

Gold Decadent Mirror
$30.00 to rent
31 Inches L by 15 Inches W

White Ornate Mirror
$25.00 to rent
24 inches L by 16 inches W

Pedestal Chalkboards
$15.00 to rent

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