Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We are located in Lexington, North Carolina.

How many weddings do you take a weekend?
We take up to 2 weddings per weekend.
Once we have booked two events for that particular weekend, we will not be taking anymore bookings for that date. (Prior to year 2023, we were assisting with 5 weddings per weekend, so reach out as soon as you know you want rentals for your special day)

If I choose to pickup my rentals, when can I pick them up, and when do they need to be dropped back off?
If your wedding is on the weekend, you may pick up your rentals as early as the Thursday prior, and the rentals will need to be dropped back off to us by the following Monday after the event. If your wedding is on a weekday, rental pick up times can vary and we would need to discuss further. You can also send someone you trust to pick up/ drop off the rentals if you choose.
Thursday times for pickup: 4pm-9pm
Friday times for pickup: 3pm- 9pm
Sunday times for Drop off: Anytime
Monday times for drop off: 3pm- 9pm

Do you deliver/ retrieve rentals? If so how much does it cost?
We are only taking 10 deliveries every year and pricing starts at $275.00. If you are wanting delivery/ retrieval services, please reach out as soon as possible. (For year 2023, we are fully booked for deliveries unless you book our decor set up/ break down packages.)

Is your rental company LGBTQ+ Friendly?
Let me initially apologize for the fact that in this day in time, you still have to ask such a question. My husband and I believe that love is love, and we would be honored to play a part in your special day.

Do you take a deposit and it is non-refundable?
Yes, we do take a non refundable deposit on all services that we provide. Because of our broad inventory selection, we are constantly receiving emails regarding the availability of rentals and also regarding our services. The deposit, along with contract completion, places a hold on your chosen rentals for your special day, as well as us being booked for services for your event.. Of course, we are not in the business of taking your money, so if you find your event needs to be moved to a different date, we will then move your deposit to your new date as well as our services. (Rental inventory Lists/ Services may change though if we are already booked on your new date.)
The deposits for our packages are as follows:
Rental Orders $100.00
Deluxe Set Up/Breakdown Package: $350.00
I just want something Beautiful Package: $250.00

Your deposit is incorporated into your total (Example: If you purchase $335.00 in rentals and the total is $365 with taxes: There is a non refundable $100.00 deposit, and the remaining $265.00 would be due two weeks prior to the event.)

Can I change my rental list at any given time, or am I stuck with the rentals I choose initially when booking with you?
Of course! We understand that vibes change over time. As long as the new rental piece you are wanting is still available on your date, you can absolutely switch/add it to your currently list.
We do ask that all final changes be made to your inventory list a month prior to your event.

Do you have a showroom where we can view your decor?
Currently, due to us moving, we have broken our showroom down but once we are settled in our new home, I will then build a new showroom and move forward with appointments. This is expected to begin in January of 2023.

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