Rental Inventory Packages

We are currently booking for 2022 and 2023!

By renting through us, we offer several different ways in which you can save. We count a “piece” as all of one style.
Here are a few examples:
50 of the same style candleholder would equal 1 piece of a package.
All 20 of our Wooden Centerpiece Trios would equal 1 piece of a package.
Your favorite style arch would equal 1 piece of a package.
15 Ivory Table Runners would be 1 piece of a package.
The only exclusions from our Package deals are our Backdrops and Neons. To rent those it will be an additional amount.

“The Recipe for Beauty” Package: $250.00
6 Pieces from our Inventory

A Little bit of Spice” Package-$350.00
10 Pieces from our Inventory

“Its okay to be Extra” Package: $475.00
15 pieces from our Inventory

“I want it all, and I want it Now” Package: $600.00
22 Pieces from our Inventory

You can also rent everything you need separately if you order is less than a package.

Set up/ Break down Services- We are asked on occasion if we provide set up and break down of our rental items, and we do offer this service on weekends that we can assist. Our pricing begins at $500.00 which includes table settings for 15 tables. For every 5 additional guest tables, it is $75.00 additional. This is for set up and break down of our rentals and any personal decor that you have in addition. Prior to your wedding, we will make sure that we have your dream wedding design nailed down to a tee.