Rental Inventory Packages

By renting through us, we offer several different ways in which you can save. We count a “piece” as all of one style.
Here are a few examples:
50 of the same style candleholder would equal 1 piece of a package.
All 20 of our Wooden Centerpiece Trios would equal 1 piece of a package.
Your favorite style arch would equal 1 piece of a package.
15 Ivory Table Runners would be 1 piece of a package.
The only exclusions from our Package deals can be found under the Package Add-ons Tab. To rent those it will be an additional amount.

“The Recipe for Beauty” Package: $335.00
6 Pieces from our Inventory

A Little bit of Spice” Package-$450.00
10 Pieces from our Inventory

“Its okay to be Extra” Package: $545.00
15 pieces from our Inventory

And Everything Nice” Package: $750.00
22 Pieces from our Inventory

“I want it all and I want it now” Package-$1,299.00
33 pieces of Inventory and you can include a neon.

You can also rent everything you need separately if you order is less than a package

Check out our Current Promotions tab for more rental deals!

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