Whats a Wedding without Yard Games?

Mr and Mrs Cornhole Boards—$40.00 to rent (274H)

Aztec Cornhole Boards—$40.00 to rent (849P)

FootBowl set- $50.00 to rent (8569S)

Washer Toss Boards—$30.00 to rent the set (596R)

Royal Blue Cornhole Boards with Bean Bags
$40.00 to rent

How much can you score? Tossing Game -$35.00 to rent (784G)

I Do Cornhole Set with Beam Bags—$40.00 to rent (FLP6)

Yardzee—$17.00 to rent (737D)

Teal Cornhole Boards with Beanbags
$40.00 to rent

Dominoes- $20.00 to rent (496S)

Mr and Mrs Cornhole Set with Bean Bags – $40.00 to rent the set (927HH)

Blue Cornhole Boards with Bean Bags
$40.00 to rent

2 Original Ring Toss Sets
$15.00 each to rent

Huge Jenga Game
$20.00 to rent

2 Giant Connect Fours
$30.00 each to rent

2 Putterball Sets
Comes with 2 golf balls and 2 putters
(Each Putterball set is 1 Piece of a package)

Laddertoss- $25.00 to rent (399D)

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